You Have to Start Somewhere

Written by:
Jamie Siebens
Published on:
October 22, 2019

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One of the most difficult things about writing, for me at least, is actually typing out the first sentence on that blank page.

Even if I know exactly what I want to say, the intro paragraph is always the hardest. Why is that?

Why is starting so hard sometimes?

And awkward? And difficult? And messy?

It's like the first pancake.

You know - wobbly, misshapen and a bit underdone?

Like riding a bike for the first time. The first day of a new job. A first kiss.

Occasionally magical...but mostly awkward.

For some reason, first things seem really important.

Squeezing out the first few words on a page can be painful because I want to get it right.

Especially when I'm pouring out my soul for someone else to read.

I want to be the whiz-kid genius on the first try.

I want to start perfectly because a perfect start feels like a guarantee for overall success.

And I really, really want to avoid the false starts, awkward nose-bumps, and rookie mistakes.

I want to avoid the caterpillar stage, and the chrysalis, and skip straight to butterfly.

But life rarely offers a fail-free fast track.

And sometimes, you have to just jump, and learn to fly in the falling.

Because sometimes, the most amazing things come from the most awkward of beginnings.

Sometimes you just have to start imperfectly.

Because you have to start somewhere.

And sometimes that somewhere is here.

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