Written by:
Jamie Siebens
Published on:
November 21, 2019

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Note: I wrote this poem last year (2018) in November. I've been writing poetry since first grade, and it's one of my favorite forms of creative writing. Thanks so much for enjoying these words with me. — Jamie


It's the crush of expectations

It's the fear that I'll fail you

Or that I have already

When there were no words

It's the silence that taunts me

It's the questions I'm asking

And the weight of the answers

And the way that they hurt

It's the smiles I keep smiling

It's the tears I keep crying

When everyone's looking

And nobody sees

It's the sunrise and sunset

It's the days that we don't get

And life that's so lovely

I can't even breathe

It's this waiting and seeing

It's loving yet leaving

Where I thought we would be

For the way that it is

It's grief and redemption

It's peace and contention

Where no one is speaking

But the voice in my head

It's the heartache I'm feeling

It's the wait of the healing

And the weight of it all

Makes it so hard to breathe

It's hope for the future

It's the breath that I've found here

In the space of this silence

And the footprints I leave

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